Friday, December 3, 2010

12/1 System Facilities - Part 2

This class is a follow-up to the System Facilities class I taught early 2010 which gave a general overview of the Operating Systems. Part 2 will now present some specific facilities in a lot more detail that should enable you to use them in your daily operation. The subjects we will cover are:

· Command Prompt
· System File Checker
· Resource Monitor
· Device Manager
· Disk Management
· Toolbars and a surprise

Once you are able to use those facilities, you will be able to diagnose and correct operating system problems, understand and manipulate your disk(s), manage device drivers, understand the processes that run in your system and get easy access to programs, websites and data.

The course materials are 6 PDF documents in a Zip folder that you can download from this link of my Skydrive.