Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/10 Move your data to a seperate data partition

I always recommend keeping your user data in a separate partition - separate from the operating system. That has the advantage that your data is safe in case the operating system goes on the blink and is not accessible. You can then either reinstall the system without having to worry about your data, or access it with e.g. a Linux CD and move it to an external drive. In this video tutorial, I cover the following steps:

1. Shrink space from a larger partition

2. Define a data partition in that space

3. Move data folders to that new partition

4. Move the data folders back to the original partition (in case that is desired one day)

5. Delete the data partition

6. Reallocate the gained free space to the partition from which it was originally shrunk

You can view the video here. It is 12 minutes long

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