Friday, January 8, 2010

1/6 Run a video as screensaver

This is for Vista


For those of you who would like to run a video (rather than pictures) as a screensaver, I put together that easy instruction on how to do it. Please note, that this does not work with very basic on-board graphics chips like the Nvidea 6159LE or the ATI 3100. The video filetype should be .wmv.

PS: the picture is a little hard to read, but if you zoom it to max. size in Photobucket, it should be OK.

This is for Windows 7

In Windows 7 you have to go via Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you do not have it yet on your system, download it from Windows Live Essentials

Then do the following steps:

· Open Live Essentials Photo Gallery
· Click on File
· Click on > Screen Saver Settings (This will open the Screen Saver Settings)
· Browse to your folder with the video and open it (OK)
· In the Use this theme list box, select Album
· Then do Save
· Now run Preview and see whether it works

Remind you that the video format must be .wmv. If you have another format, convert it with Format factory

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